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Dallas' first Vietnamese coffee shop "chimlanh"

Proudly opening @chimlanh as the first Vietnamese cà phê shop in Dallas proper has been a quiet dream that came to life in January. I wanted to evolve what we’ve built with Sandwich Hag over the years, by way of specializing in traditional phin drip brewed cà phê, commUnity, and pastries. A safe space for our commUnity to start their mornings, of all ages and genders. A cà phê shop that supports and amplifies people with disabilities, all while uplifting women and Black-owned businesses through mutually beneficial partnerships ONLY.

A win-win-win.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take this opportunity to tell you the other reason why I chose the name chimlanh, it’s actually two words that I connected as one. Chim means bird…anddd is also an endearing nickname for pu$$y. Our patriarch has fooled us all into thinking that

pu$$ies are weak, so much so that even us women use that term as an insult. Yet, there’s nothing weak about our muscular canal and most powerful organ that puts 99.99% of the work into creating all of humanity.

Lanh means witty. Witty Pu$$Y. chimlanh is a reclamation of a powerful sisterhood.

This weekend March 18th-19th, is @chimlanh Grand Opening and we hope you can join us and friends in celebration of Việtnamese cà phê and our Down Syndrome population. 100% of proceeds to the 3 @detourdoughnuts that @chefjinnycho and I designed will go to @notredamedallas. Thank you @chefjinnycho for your partnership and incredible creations. Thank you @eateramanda@dallasnews for taking the time to help amplify our little shop in the Cedars. Thank you @oneouncegold@nguyencoffeesupply for your continued work in trailblazing Vietnamese beans and farmers.

Disrupting without redistributing is a form of gate keeping. Let’s keep the doors open behind us and hope that chimlanh will be the first of many more Vietnamese cà phê shops in Dallas. 🙏🏽


chef Reye

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