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Xin Chào!

Sandwich Hag has been many years in the making. But, it truly started when I was a kid growing up as my mom’s unofficial sous chef.


My Má was an amazing cook, who was extremely traditional in every sense of the word.   She cooked everything from scratch. EVERYTHING. Right down to having me roast raw peanuts over the hot stove while removing its brown peel one peanut at a time.  She said I spoke too loudly for a young lady; so helping in her kitchen was her goal to keep me quiet and lady-like.  I smile every time I think about our banters, which I appreciate now more than ever.  

We were polar opposites. Different in every way, except for when it came to food. The love & respect we both share for fresh Vietnamese cuisine, and how cooking and feeding the people we love, ultimately feeds our souls.

It wasn't until I left home as a young adult, that I developed my own cooking techniques and created dishes that became staples in my kitchen.  Bold flavors and vibrant spices,

fresh ingredients, never taking any shortcuts...all while

 respecting the integrity and heritage of Vietnamese culture.  

My Má's spirit resonates throughout my kitchen. Her strong will of perfection, highly skilled techniques using her hands, her fingers, all her senses without state of the art commercial equipment. Although my techniques and flavor preferences are my own, my will and respect for Vietnamese cuisine and the women before me, all stems from her.

My Má.


I took the leap to open Sandwich Hag,

to honor and carry on my Má's tradition of making everything from scratch.  All while giving my brother Sugar Sang, an inclusive place of employment.  So, whether you come from a small or big family, it doesn’t matter the size. Bonding over a meal together is a universal language that creates a natural sense of commUnity. 


I invite you to join me at our table & let me feed your hungry faces!  With gratitude from our little kitchen and tiny,yet mighty team...

cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều (thank you friends)!

Your commUnity restaurant,

Chef Reye & Team

PS I have a no assholes rule.  Be nice, cool, kind.

CommUnity | Local | Inclusion | Culture

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